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Date    Org     Speaker(s)                   Topic

Apr  1  MHVLUG  Eileen M. Uchitelle          Demystifying Contributing to Rails

Apr  1  GDG     Nitya Narasimhan             [Android Study Jam] Hack Night @DCC

Apr  7  PMIHVC  Apr 7 thru May 19            PMP Exam Prep Facilitated Study Group

Apr  8  MHCUG   SIG  2nd Wed                 New Technology Workshop

Apr  8  GDG     Nitya Narasimhan             [Android Study Jam] Hack Night @DCC

Apr 10-11 IEEE  Student Conference           IEEE Mid-Hudson Blog Spot

Apr 12  METEOR  Nitya Narasimhan   

Apr 13  SWE     Jaya Srikrishnan             Stitch-in.  For directions RSVP by Apr 10.

Apr 16  MHCUG   SIG  3rd Thu                 Ulster Computing Workshop

Apr 16  ASCE    ___                          Regional Student Conference and Competition

Apr 20  ACM     Dr. Nitya Narasimhan         DigitalHV: Creating Technology Awareness and  
                                             Amplifying Entrepreneurship in the Hudson Valley  

Apr 21  MHCUG   SIG  3rd Tue                 Computer Upgrade & Repair SIG

Apr 21  SUNY-NP David Clark                  Creating Circuits Designs via Biological Evolution

Apr 22  GDG     Nitya Narasimhan             [Android Study Jam] Hack Night @DCC

Apr 28  HVP     ___                          Hudson Valley Programmers

Apr 28  MHCUG   SIG  4th Tue                 Multi-Media and Photography SIG

Weekly  SQWR    ___                          Hacker Space and Maker Culture

May  6  MHVLUG  Mike Muller                  Docker: An open platform for distributed applications
                                             for developers and sysadmins

May 11  ACM     Dr. David Clark, SUNYNP      The Demise and Revitalization of Geometry in our Schools  

Technical Societies

ACM       Association for Computing Machinery
ASCE      American Society of Civil Engineers
ASQ       American Society for Quality
FWSD      Fairfield / Westchester Software Development Meetup
FUUNY     FileMaker Users of Upstate NY
             Adam Aronson,      
GDG       Google Development Group - Hudson Valley
HVP       Hudson Valley Programmers
HVSTEM    Hudson Valley STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
HVTM      Hudson Valley Tech Meetup
HVTPF     Hudson Valley Technology Professionals Forum
HVWD      Hudson Valley Web Design  
HVWPG     Hudson Valley Word Press Group
ICAN      Virtual Commercialization and Acceleration Network
IEEE      Mid-Hudson Section of the IEEE
METEOR    Meteor Meetup for Hudson Valley
MHCUG     Mid-Hudson Computer User Group, Inc.
MHTS      Mid-Hudson Technical Societies
             Vic Melville,
MHVLUG    Mid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Group
PMI       Project Management Institute
SAME-NYC  Society of American Military Engineers, New York City Post
SQWR      Squidwrench Meetup          
SUNY-NP   Colloquia at SUNY New Paltz
SWE       Society of Women Engineers
THUG      The Hudson User Group

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