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This page was last updated Sept 8, 2010.

Sponsored by the

Poughkeepsie Chapter of the ACM

and Marist College

This month's speaker is Donald Costello, an ACM National Lecturer. This is the first time the chapter has taken advantage of ACM's program of providing nationally known speakers to local chapters.

PLEASE NOTE THESE CHANGES from our usual practice.

The meeting will be in the Student Center, not in Dyson Hall. The dinner will be at The Panda, not the Palace Diner. If you will attend the dinner, please RSVP to If you are a teacher and you will assign a class to attend the lecture, please let us know at so we can plan accordingly. Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery aaa ccccccc mmmmm mmmmm a a cc cc mm mm mm mm aa aa cc c mm mm mm mm aaaaaaaaa cc mm mmm mm aa aa cc c mm m mm MEETING NOTICE aa aa cc cc mm mm aa aa cccccccc mm mm Program: Cryptography: From Enigma to Elliptical Curve Cryptography Speaker: Donald Costello Senior Lecturer and NCITE scholar Department of Computer Science University of Nebraska Email: About the Topic: The story of cryptography goes back 4000 years and some of the mathematics employed goes back nearly as long. With the coming of the computer age both the field of cryptography and the mathematics supporting it have been reawakened. This talk will address the history of cryptography beginning with the Enigma used by the Germans in WWII and broken by world famous mathematician and computer scientist Alan Turing. It will continue down to today’s advanced crypto systems such as RSA, PGP and Elliptic Curve cryptography. The lecture will point out the key role that cryptography plays in the future of e-commerce and the new products and ways of doing business that result when secure communications through cryptography are available. About the Speaker: Don Costello's career has taken him many times from academia to the business world and back. He helped start three Computer Science Departments and three University Information Technology facilities. He has taught both undergraduate and graduate courses, and he has done research in the areas of Statistical Computing, Performance Modeling, Standards for Learning Objects, and Managing Intellectual Property. He also held a four-year Carnegie Foundation grant to investigate how IP is managed in universities around the world. In his business career Don founded and sold two firms and has consulted with over 100 firms throughout the world. Recent consulting includes work on ERP systems and on SAP, as well as being a technical consultant on .com and e-Learning projects. He is also working on standards for modeling large systems needed to support e-learning environments. Don is a 40-year member of the ACM and is a fellow of the British Computing Society. When: 7:30 pm, Monday, Sept 20, 2010 Where: Performing Arts Room (Room 346 in the Student Center) Marist College, Route 9, Poughkeepsie, NY Directions: Building 32 on the map at Parking: Parking, on campus, on the west side of Route 9 can be difficult. It may be easier to park on the east side of Route 9, across from Building 25 on the Marist campus map at Cost: Free and open to the public Dinner: 6 pm at The Mill House Panda, 289 Mill Street, Poughkeepsie, NY 12601. Phone: 845.454.2530. For directions go to The menu may be the Standard Package at All are welcome to join us for dinner. Refreshments are served after the meeting. For further information, email or call 845.522.1971.
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