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  NOTE:  This meeting is in the HANCOCK CENTER.  <---------------

  Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery

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  NOTE:  This meeting is in the HANCOCK CENTER.  <---------------

  Program:  Strategic Alliances in the Technology Sector

  Speaker:  Art Baron,
            Founder at Baron LLC,
  About the Topic
  With the rapid pace of technology change and the growing 
complexity of today's customer requirements, strategic alliances 
are more critical than ever for competing in today's marketplace. 
Art Baron will present general perspectives on working with 
Alliance Partners, and he will also discuss critical success 
factors for developing effective partner relationships.

  About the Speaker

  Art provides consulting services on channel development, 
strategic alliances, business development and go-to-market 
planning, particularly in the Technology Sector. Art's experience 
includes 25+ years in the business partner organizations of IBM 
and Rackspace Hosting where he developed alliances with leading 
global systems integrators and other information technology 
companies. Art's current activity includes support for 
Connecticut Innovations' TechStart program, Startup Weekend, and 
a social technology project for the HealthCare Sector. Art has 
also organized a social media workgroup with eight hospitals to 
share best practices.

  When:     7:30 pm, Monday, Nov 19, 2012           

  NOTE:  This meeting is in the HANCOCK CENTER.  <---------------

  Where:    Room 2023 (second floor) 
            Hancock Center, Marist College
            Directions:  Building 15 on the map at

  Parking:  Please park on the east side of Route 9, 
            in the lot to the southeast of Dyson Hall
            or down the hill to the west of the
            Hancock Center.

  Cost:     Free and open to the public

  Dinner:   6 pm, Palace Diner, 845.473.1576
            Map and menu: 
            All are welcome to join us for dinner.

  We thank Marist College for hosting the chapter's meetings.

  Refreshments are served after the meeting.  For further
information, email or call 845.522.1971.

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