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Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery aaa ccccccc mmmmm mmmmm a a cc cc mm mm mm mm aa aa cc c mm mm mm mm aaaaaaaaa cc mm mmm mm aa aa cc c mm m mm MEETING NOTICE aa aa cc cc mm mm aa aa cccccccc mm mm Program: The Stable Marriage Algorithm Speaker: Bob Cotton, About the Program: In 1962 a short elegant paper was published in the American Mathematical Monthly called "College Admissions and the Stability of Marriage." The authors were David Gale and Lloyd Shapley. In 2012 the Nobel Prize in Economics was awarded to Shapley and to Alvin Roth for their work in this area. The original paper describes a simple algorithm for matching men to women or students to colleges. It proposes a desirable feature that an assignment should have in order that it will be acceptable to all parties. There is a proof that the resulting assignment has this property, and moreover that the assignment is best possible for one side (the men, as originally stated). As an added bonus the algorithm is efficient, O(n^2). A great deal of work followed this simple beginning, with connections to game theory, economics, linear programming and lattice theory. The talk will provide an overview of some of this work. About the Speaker: Bob began his career teaching mathematics at the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel, Bucknell, and SUNY New Paltz. He had a parallel acquaintance with programming beginning as a summer student at IBM Kingston in 1956-60, at the Moore School of EE at Penn, and through courses taught at Drexel and New Paltz. After that he worked at Burroughs Corporation (now Unisys), as Director of Programming at the State Insurance Fund, and as a Project Manager at the New York Clearing House. In this last job he was principal inventor on a patent that eliminated the settlement risk from the CHIPS electronic payment system prior to 9/11. In addition to the ACM, Bob is a member of the Mathematical Association of America, the Association for Symbolic Logic, and the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics. Bob's interests include two long-standing projects in music and voting theory. He continues to run (trot) for exercise. When: 7:30 pm, Monday, Oct 20, 2014 Where: Presentation Room (2d floor, Rm 2023) Hancock Center, Marist College Directions: Building 15 on the map at Parking: You can park at black dot Number 27 on the map at or in the lot east of Route 9, southeast of the former Main Entrance. Cost: Free and open to the public Dinner: 6 pm, Palace Diner, 845.473.1576 Map and menu: All are welcome to join us for dinner. We thank Marist College for hosting the chapter's meetings. Refreshments are served after the meeting. For further information, email or call 845.522.1971. P - L - E - A - S - E P - O - S - T

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