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NUMA Memory Architecture and the Linux Memory System


Patrick Ladd


Monday, May 9, 2016       7:30 PM


Marist College, Hancock Center (Building 16 on map), Room 2023. Park just north of Hancock Center, or in parking lot on south-east corner of Route 9 and Fulton Street. We thank Marist College for hosting the chapter's meetings.

More Information

This program is free and open to the public. Attendees should RSVP at Meetup.com.

All are welcome to join us beforehand for dinner at the Palace Diner at 6:00 PM.
Refreshments are served after the meeting.

For further information, go to Pok.ACM.org (QR code below),
email Bill Collier, or phone 845-522-1971.

QR code RSVP to ACM Poughkeepsie at   Meetup.com

About the Topic

As modern systems achieve performance targets by increasing the number of sockets and cores rather than increasing the processor bus speed, new architectures have been needed to integrate the processors to the memory subsystem.  This talk will present an overview of modern server memory architecture, including Non-uniform Memory Access (NUMA) systems.

These architectural changes have necessitated changes in the Linux kernel memory subsystem to react to these changes in server architectures.  The talk will also present an overview of the Linux kernel memory management structures and the changes that have taken place in it to evolve along with the architectural changes in computing hardware.

About the Speaker

Patrick Ladd is currently a Technical Account Manager with Red Hat Software, the leading commercial vendor of Linux and Open Source software.  Prior to that he was IT manager of a local fuel company and a software engineer in electronic design automation at IBM.  He has a BS degree in Computer Engineering from Case Western Reserve University.  He is an active member of several local technical organizations including the Mid Hudson Valley Linux Users Group, Squidwrench (a local maker space), the Google Developers Group, and is founder of the New York Red Hat Users Group.

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