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Algorithmic Art: Converting Math into Motion


Ed Nisley


Monday,       7:30 PM


Marist College, Hancock Center (Building 14 on map), Room 2023. We thank Marist College for hosting the chapter's meetings. Parking: 1) Lot north of Hancock Center. We are permitted to park there in spite of the signs. 2) Lot on south-east corner of Route 9 and Fulton Street. Take staircase at south-west corner of lot, and tunnel under Route 9.

More Information

This program is free and open to the public. Attendees should RSVP at Meetup.com.

All are welcome to join us beforehand for dinner at the Palace Diner at 6:00 PM.

For further information, go to Pok.ACM.org (QR code below):

QR code RSVP to ACM Poughkeepsie at   Meetup.com

About the Topic

HP-GL and G-Code programs, once written by humans, now serve as intermediate files conveying tool paths from higher-level programming languages to CNC machines. This talk will explore those specialized machine-control languages in their role between pure mathematics and the hardware producing tangible Algorithmic Art.

During the presentation, Arduino microcontrollers will turn trigonometry into soothing LED colors, Raspberry Pi computers will plot Superformulas and engrave Spirograph patterns, and pass-around / take-home examples should pique your interest. Grubby reality may conflict with the eternal correctness of mathematics in amusing ways, because entropy always wins.

About the Speaker

Ed Nisley worked for IBM during the final Good Old Days, quit before it became fashionable, and has worked on interesting, useful, and amusing projects ever since. He fixes broken things, writes the Along the G-Code Way column for Digital Machinist magazine, and tinkers with hardware & software & firmware. Being that type of guy, he rides a recumbent bicycle festooned with 3D printed parts and amateur radio gear.

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