Poughkeepsie Chapter of the Association For Computing Machinery

Community Events

The following listing is provided as a service to the Hudson Valley technical community.

Date Org Speaker(s) Topic
Nov 1 HVTM Jayce Mateo Rudig Leathers Hudson Valley Civic Tech - Opening Discussion
Nov 1 MHVLUG Matthias Johnson and Mike Muller Synth Your Life Away
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Nov 4 SAME-NYC ___ NYC Post SAME Scholarship Fund Dinner Dance
Nov 6 GDG ___ [Partner Event] FirebaseCamp 2017: Hands-on Learning + AppFest Prep
Nov 7 OPNHUB Scott Lydiard Intro to Web Development - Class A
Nov 7 SUNY-NP Dr. Kim Blair Smart Devices in Sport
Nov 8 APICS Steve Mazzuca Present for Impact
Please RSVP by Nov 6th
Nov 8 MHCUG ___ New Technology SIG
Nov 8 HVTM Chris Garrett and Raymond Schwartz Poughkeepsie Dev O'Clock
Nov 9 VCMD Yusra Naqvi Representatioms of Lie Algebras
Nov 14 OPNHUB Scott Lydiard Intro to Web Development - Class B
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Nov 16 MHCUG ___ Ulster Computing Workshop
Nov 20 ACM Bob Cotton Program Verification with Proof Assistants: The Time Has Come
Nov 21 MHCUG ___ MHCUG Board meeting
Nov 21 MHCUG ___ Computer Upgrade / Repair
Nov 28 HVP ___ Favorite Projects
Nov 28 MHCUG ___ Digital Multimedia & Photography
Nov 28 OPNHUB Scott Lydiard Intro to Web Development - Class C
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Weekly / Tuesdays SQWR ___ Hacker Space and Maker Culture

Technical Societies in the Hudson Valley

AbrevTechnical Society
ACM Association For Computing Machinery — Poughkeepsie Chapter
ASCE American Society of Civil Engineers — Mid-Hudson Branch
APICS Mid-Hudson Chapter of APICS, Inc.
ASQ American Society for Quality — Midi-Hudson Section
FWSD Fairfield / Westchester Software Development Meetup
GDG Google Developer Group — Hudson Valley
HVCSC Hudson Valley CyberSecurity Consortium
NOTE - HVCSC is on hiatus and does not currently have any meetings scheduled
HVISG Hudson Valley InfoSec Group
HVP Hudson Valley Programmers
HVSTEM Hudson Valley STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics)
NOTE - This web site has not been reachable for some time
HVTM Hudson Valley Tech Meetup
HVTPF Hudson Valley Technology Professionals Forum
HVWPG Hudson Valley WordPress Group
IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers — Mid-Hudson Section
METEOR Meteor Hudson Valley Meetup
NOTE - Nitya announced this group closed down on March 19, 2017
MHCUG Mid-Hudson Computer User Group
MHVLUG Mid-Hudson Valley Linux Users Group
OPNHUB Open Hub Project
PMI Project Management Institute — Hudson Valley Chapter
SAME-NYC Society of American Military Engineers — New York City Post
SQWR SQUIDWRENCH — The Hudson Valley Hackerspace/
SUNY-NP SUNY New Paltz School of Science and Engineering Colloquia
SWE Society of Women Engineers — Mid-Hudson Section
VCCSD Vassar College Computer Science Department
VCMD Vassar College Mathematics Department